A No B/S Breakthrough Call with Michael Permack

(The Breakthrough Call is by application only) If you’re on this page, you’re interested in getting to know more about my ideas, tactics and strategies.  The Breakthrough Call is intended to inspire you to be the best you can be. I believe in giving value first. I am offering a Breakthrough Call as a gift to you. I have a lot of people applying for these calls which are 100% complimentary for now. I only work with select dentists I feel I can provide the greatest value to. I provide knowledge that gives you power to fulfill your purpose and potential. I’m looking to help people who are READY TO TAKE ACTION. I want to work with dentists who think the status quo is no longer acceptable.

Application Process

It’s pretty simple. At the bottom of this page there is a link to my Breakthrough Strategy Session Application. This is where you provide me some personal details about yourself and what you are looking to achieve in your business and practice, short term and long term. I respect dentists so much that I want to make the most of your time. Once you submit your application one of two things will happen. 1) I will respectfully decide if we’re not a good match and let you know politely or… 2) I will decide that we might be a good match and schedule a call with my office to see if we really are. There is never any pressure. I’m here to serve you and help you change your life for the better. The application will be sent directly to me and is 100% confidential.



Signature Program

This Signature Program has been developed to go deep into learning about how to revolutionize your dental practice to improve your practice, make your life easier and to make more profit. This Signature Program is promised to give you more success if you put the work in. Nothing comes without hard work.

Warning.I can be a bit brash but the intent is to inspire you to unleash your potential. The Dental Business Revolution Signature Program will be one of the best investments you can make.

I have designed this Signature Program to teach how to be better at business which leads to more money, less stress and a better life. It’s the independent business training you wished you would have had since day 1 but never received. There are proven ideas that you will learn with the support of our team that you can implement right away.



Business Advisory

Private Consults With Michael Permack

If you would like practice advice from Michael Permack privately, and receive individual attention, Michael works with qualified clients during private VIP Business Advisory sessions.

This is an opportunity to solve your most challenging issues with a leading authority in the dental industry on a 1-on-1 basis.

It’s perfectly suited to dentists wanting to go to the next level or for those that face urgent problems that need immediate attention. The outcome of working with Michael directly is that you will gain control of your growth and challenges.

By the end of your VIP experience you will  have a crystal clear road map to follow for your practice of what to do next and how to do it. Think of it like corporate strategy sessions for your dental practice.

How Michael Has Helped Previous Clients

Michael has helped clients overcome a wide variety of challenges, including:

  • Increasing cashflow
  • Creating greater teamwork.
  • Resolving conflicts with partners, suppliers, staff and patients.
  • Finding hidden profits lurking in your business, without the need to spend more on advertising.
  • Re-working marketing materials to make them more magnetic to your target audience.
  • Increasing case acceptance through changing through listening and positioning.
  • Improving the patient experience where they become your best referral system.
  • Improving your leadership skills to create a practice that is authentic to yourself.

Private VIP Business Advisory is very unique and specific to YOUR challenges, and this is the only level of private and in-person Business Advisory currently available.

Required Investment

Your time and financial investment. Michael carefully assesses if dentists are willing to commit to do the work – please only apply if you are really ready for change. VIP engagements are customized. If required, travel, accommodation, and transportation costs are separate.

How to Apply

VIP Business Advisory is perfect for those who need to get fast results.

This level of 1-on-1 consulting is available strictly by application only and is only available to qualified clients. VIP spots are limited and there’s usually a waiting list.

To begin the application process click below.


Apply Now

Seminars & Retreats

I have accessed a suite of programs to be delivered through face-to-face seminars. The Navigational Leadership Program has been presented to companies globally. I had the founders of this program turn their core principals and programs and turn into targeted content for dentists. The purpose for the Navigational Dentistry Programs is it teaches in a group provides the tools and knowledge to get from where are you now to where you want to go. I have taken all of the programs for my business and was absolutely floored by the results.

You deserve these seminars and I am making it happen.


Stay Updated

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