Leadership – Information Overload!

The challenge of how to lead your team can be daunting. You may just want to be the dentist who wants to work with their patients and not worry about staff and their lives. They are there to work and get the job done in support of you.

Or are they? Did you ever notice how some teams seem to gel and others become well, dysfunctional. Team work in your office can make or break profitability and your experience in your practice

There have been over 200,000 books written on leadership and I might be a little light on this number. With advent of the internet millions of articles have been written regarding leadership. So what do you do?

After careful consideration, I have distilled all I have read and seen on leadership into the following quote:

“A great leader shows up behaving and acting in accordance with their vision, mission and values”.

John Kennedy’s vision was to launch a space ship to land on the moon within a decade. The mission was to get the brightest minds in America to work together to build a ship that would go to the moon and safely return it to the earth. The values of the country were to be the best, to not sacrifice safety, to lead in technology, and to sacrifice for the greater good. The teamwork that was required was unprecedented. They had to balance¬†the expansiveness of creativity with the realities of irrefutable laws of the universe.

Your team expects you to set the tone with these key ingredients. But you have to put the hard work in to decide what you want to have in your life and practice, what you are going to do to get there and who you have to be to achieve your vision. Your team and your patients depend on it.

To sum up, it is amazing that your behavior and actions really do speak volumes about your leadership. You are capable of becoming a great leader. Are you ready to start?

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