Elevate Above the Line

We hosted a two-day conference recently for dentists and their staff. We had over a 95% excellent rating on our content. I thought I would share in the next few posts what really got people’s attention at the two day event.

The chart below was one of those things that really resonated with the dental audience.


In chemistry, there is a concept of zero-point energy which is the lowest possible energy that a quantum mechanical physical system can have. The acronym of BED means your below the line without energy. This is where most people wallow when something is broken. They have a problem of some sort and the use Blame, Excuses and Denial to justify where they are at. They can’t or won’t acknowledge what broken. Also they look for personal attacks on or or who broke it rather than what broke it. Champion’s do not live here.

I had one dentist come to me and say “I have been “living below the line” for a long time thank you for helping me understand why”.

Above the line, is where energy lives. The atoms and molecules that make up your mind and body seek to get results despite obstacles and challenges. One asks themselves, “what will it look like when it’s fixed and what will it take to fix it?” They take ownership, are are accountable to themselves and their team and are responsible for change. This takes effort.

In the most recent series of the NBA finals, Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers had lost two of their best players while their opponent Golden State was fully healthy. Like him or not, Lebron did not talk about injuries, how tired he was or that they weren’t up for a challenge. He could have relied on Blame, Excuses and Denial but he didn’t.

He took Ownership with his injured team, was Accountable “to the people of Ohio” and took Responsibility for pushing the health players.  He finished the series with the most points, rebounds and assists in the final series in NBA history. He took his OAR and rowed the whole team upstream. They finally came up short but nobody could accuse him of living below the line.

Where do you want to live? Above the line or below.

Simply stated living below the line is the easy place to live and reflects a victim’s mentality. Getting and living above the line where success lies. How do you move from victim to winner? Consider the four-step model provided above.

The first step is to identify what is broken using facts not emotions. Next it’s time to figure out what broke it. Notice it does not say who broke it because blame is serves little purpose. If you stop there you will not elevate yourself to a higher level. Once you take the first two steps focus on the future of what will it look like when it’s fixed. This elevates you above being a victim and pushes you forward. Last brainstorm how you can fix it. Once you finish putting out all the ideas take action.

“A job begun is a job half done”.  Just start using the model with you and your team and see what results you will generate.

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