Dog Park Inspiration

Walking our two dogs at the park is something that my wife and I do all the time. It’s where we actually get to talk to each other and connect without cell phones or other distractions. Generally, you walk by others dog walkers and we  share the  conventional “head nod” of recognition.

On occasion, when our dogs start playing with other dogs, you stop and talk to some very interesting people.

Recently, we spoke to a 33 year old man who has been sober for two years. He shared some of his journey with us through AA and his life experiences. What stunned me was that he had revolutionized his life through non-judgment, compassion and understanding. He said, “I am an alcoholic and alcohol isn’t good or bad it’s just not good for me.” He was raw, authentic and vulnerable.

He has volunteered for two years with AA and now hands out books to those seeking change. The sobering thought he left me with is out of 50 people he hands literature to on how to change, one recipient reads the materials and changes their life – a mere 2 %.

You might ask yourself what does this have to with dentistry.

I believe there are no accidents. We met this person for a reason. How many of us do things that we know aren’t right for us? How many of us do things to meet others expectations of what we should be doing? How many of us resist change?

I was inspired to consider what things in my life that are right for me and what things are not.

For me personally, it made me take inventory of what I am doing to get me you closer to my goals and mission. What am I doing that distracts me from contributing to the world that has meaning and impact?

Saying no is tough sometimes, but so is consciously saying yes to something that is not right for you that only leads to a path of drama and regret. I want to inspire you to take stalk and pause in your busy life and in your busy practice to really bare down on what is important. We only get so much time – make every moment count.

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