What does the Boston Globe and Miami Herald Have In Common?

I wrote an article and sent it for publication to a few news agencies in order to get the Dental Business Revolution message out to you. The uptake has been more than outstanding.

Fox, CBS, NBC, Miami Herald and the Boston Globe are just a few of the news outlets that printed (I know that’s old school) the article. Here is a short cut to the Miami Herald’s column “As Dentists Struggle With Their Business Acumen In A Changing Dynamic Market, Michael Permack Reveals Real World Strategies” http://bit.ly/1Es7ZuG.

I am grateful to the dentists and other supporters who helped me craft the article so it was meaningful for you.

Visit my website at www.dentalbusinessrevolution.com. Sign up for a breakthrough session! It’s complimentary for now.

Join the Revolution and Let’s March.

Michael Permack

Founder Dental Business Revolution

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