Elevate Above the Line

We hosted a two-day conference recently for dentists and their staff. We had over a 95% excellent rating on our content. I thought I would share in the next few posts what really got people’s attention at the two day event. The chart below was one of those... read more

Achieve Your Goals

The power of goal setting has changed my life. I believe every business, (yes, your practice is a business) should set goals, as “you don’t know where you are going unless you set a destination”. Goals give you permission to say “no” more easily because if something... read more

The New Words In Negotiation

Your practice’s success partially hinges on your ability to negotiate successfully. Big or small, negotiations are always on the go. Likely, you have learned how to negotiate in your own way without any training. The negotiation paradigm since the release of the... read more

Dog Park Inspiration

Walking our two dogs at the park is something that my wife and I do all the time. It’s where we actually get to talk to each other and connect without cell phones or other distractions. Generally, you walk by others dog walkers and we  share the  conventional “head... read more

Leadership – Information Overload!

The challenge of how to lead your team can be daunting. You may just want to be the dentist who wants to work with their patients and not worry about staff and their lives. They are there to work and get the job done in support of you. Or are they? Did you ever notice... read more

Life Is Short

In my role as board chair for the Canadian Cancer Society of Albert NWT, I am often asked to recount my cancer story of being a 20+ year brain tumor survivor. I never thought I’d make it this long. Recently, I spoke at a sizable law firm at a event they hosted... read more
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